FAQ – Zoom On Art Frequently Asked Questions

How are young artists and their works selected?

The works on Zoom On Art are realized by the young artists of the Mostrami collective, an artistic collective that now counts more than 1000 members from all over Italy. The artists and works present are identified by the curators of Zoom On Art following a careful evaluation, which takes into account the artistic project, the quality and the availability of the works of the emerging artists of the collective. Zoom On Art’s goal is to make art accessible to everyone, so for this reason in our online gallery there are works for sale for every price range, while guaranteeing the artists the sustainability of their work and the enhancement of their artistic commitment. For more information about Mostrami and its values, please go to the About Us page of Zoom On Art.


How is the price of the works on sale on Zoom On Art obtained?

The price is obtained by adding to the value of the work set by the artist along with the curators of Zoom On Art, the tax burden and the 30% commission of Zoom On Art. We are proud to say that the commission we receive is very low compared to the average of the art galleries, and it is entirely used to cover the management costs, as the company that manages Zoom On Art, Mostrami, is a No-Profit Social Business. For more information about Mostrami and its values, please go to the About Us page of Zoom On Art.


Are the artworks signed by the Artist?

For what concerns paintings, if the signature is not visible from the images from the website, it means that the painting is probably signed on the back. Nevertheless, not every Artist decides to sign their artworks. In any case, all the artworks are provided with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


How does the delivery part take place?

Shipment and delivery of artworks are entrusted to a company specialized in freight transport, with a solid experience in transporting paintings, sculptures and other works of art. Prior to the delivery to the partner company, the works are subject to quality control by Zoom On Art’s staff.

Usually works are delivered to Italy within 5 to 15 working days from payment and abroad in 2-4 weeks.

The costs of transport by means of Standard delivery are at the expense of Mostrami SRL IS.


I need my artworks as soon as possible. May I opt for an express delivery?

To receive the works purchased within 48 working hours (in Italy) with Express delivery service (available upon extra payment depending on the artwork and on the basis of the place of arrival of the work) you can make a request to MOSTRAMI SRL either by sending an email at info@mostra-mi.it or by filling out the contact form.


Is it possible to trace the parcel?

Yes, along with the notification of the shipment, a tracking code will be sent for the localization of the artwork, both with the Standard Service and with the Express Service.


How can I ask for support?

You can ask for support using the Zoom On Art Contact Form or by calling the number on the top bar on each page. Each request will receive an answer within 24 hours.


Can I return an artwork?

Yes, within 30 days of receiving the artwork. At reception, the work will be checked and, in case of integrity, a refund will be issued. For more details on how to make it, we refer you to the Zoom On Art Terms & Conditions page.


Can I make a change?

Yes, you can return the work that you want to change, following the same rules as for the right of withdrawal and return. Upon receipt of the work, we will ship the replacement artwork and invoice the balance of any price difference.